We advise you to get a survey unless you have an old fence currently in the ground and you want to put the new fence in the same spot. Surveys are a very useful tool in making sure that your new fence is on your property and accurately installed. Without one, the responsibility of the placement of the fence rests squarely on the customers hands. We are not responsible for the placement of a fence that has not been surveyed. So, to ensure a smooth project and eliminate future headaches, please consider getting a survey. The cost is small compared to the cost of moving the fence later on.

Yes, we have a large stocked yard with adequate inventories for most jobs. Some of our more common in-stock materials are Treated Split Rail fence parts (11′ and 13′ rails, posts, gates, galvanized wire, vinyl-coated wire, hardware, etc.), Spruce Stockade privacy panels, Treated 2×4’s and 4×4’s posts, 1x6x6′ Cedar and Treated Dog Ear Pickets, and 1x6x16′ poplar boards. If you have a very large material order, please call us a few days to two weeks in advance to check quantities and allow us time to order if we don’t have what you need to make your fencing project go smoothly.

Yes. We can come out to your house or jobsite, measure for the proposed fence, and talk about options and pricing at no cost to you. Our salespeople are knowledgeable and are focused on achieving satisfied customers. If you are interested in receiving a free estimate, please call our office at (513) 831-7000 or complete our quote request form.

Yes, we do have crews operating year round, but weather does have a bearing on our installation schedule. Weather events, like torrential rains and major snowstorms/ice storms, can occasionally keep us from installing for a few days. We ask for your patience during these rare occurrences.

You should ask yourself a number of questions. What am I trying to do achieve with the fence? Do I want to acquire added privacy? Am I trying to keep the kids and/or pets in? Is this fence around a swimming pool? Is this purely an ornamental fence? These questions should help you begin to shape your vision for your new fence and ensure a positive fulfilling fencing experience.

Fences come in many shapes and styles. From Aluminum and Polvinyl maintenance free fences to picket and privacy fence to split rail and post and board fence. This website should provide you with pictures and specs of our product offerings. Feel free to visit our showroom at 202 Wooster Pike, Milford, Ohio 45150 for hands-on displays and technical assistance

If you are building your own fence, it is imperative to call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at 1-800-362-2764 to locate and mark any public utilities in your yard.

If we are installing your fence, we will schedule the marking of the utility lines for you, if needed.  If you have any questions or concerns about your utilities, please cover it fully with your estimator/salesperson.

The OUPS will mark public utilities only. Private lines such as french drains, sprinklers, pool pump lines, underground fence lines, gas service to your backyard grill, etc will not be marked by them. Please alert us to any private lines that you are aware of. We will use as much care and caution as possible to avoid all of these, but we cannot be held responsible for any underground utilities that are not clearly marked or identified by the customer.

We advise you to contact your local zoning department, first, to determine their exact requirements for your new fence. Then, contact your homeowners association (if applicable) to discover if there are any additional restrictions to be met. County and HA requirements may effect things such as the materials used, the height of the fence, fence construction specs, fence placement relative to property line, etc. You can never do too much research on these manners. As with everything, preparation is a key component in a fulfilling fencing experience.

Our industry exclusive 3 year Warranty. All Materials, Labor, and Workmanship on your installed Pioneer Fence are guaranteed for a period of three years.* (industry standard is one year-usually not written) Pioneer can do this because we use only #1 grade materials** and we set our posts in pea gravel (except aluminum and polyvinyl). Our installers are trained in Pioneer techniques and standards. We will do your job right and be there if you need us.

Polyvinyl Fence Systems products carry a transferable Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.  Sentinel Aluminum Fences carry a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping, and peeling.

*Not covered: damage from accidents, alterations, abuse, flood, vandalism, or Acts of God.

**The lumber we use is #1 grade, but some slight warping, cracking, and normal material shrinkage are part of the natural drying process of wood which is beyond our control and thus, not covered.


We are located at 202 Wooster Pike in Milford, Ohio 45150. Our office is open 9:00 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. We are closed Sunday.

Most of our business comes from Indian Hill, Terrace Park, Mariemont, Fairfax, Newtown, Anderson, Mt. Washington, Milford, Goshen, Loveland, Montgomery, Madeira, and other nearby communities.

We also offer service to the north in such areas as Hamilton, West Chester, Mason, Maineville, Morrow, Landen, Lebanon, Fairfield, Sharonville, and Beckett Ridge.

To the east, we service areas including Pleasant Plain, Newtonsville, Owensville, Batavia, Williamsburg, and Bethel. To the west, we cover areas such as Kenwood, Deer Park, Amberly Village, Blue Ash, Silverton, Oakley, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, and others.

Finally, to the south, we serve Summerside, Mt Carmel, Withamsville, Cherry Grove, Beechmont, New Richmond, and Amelia.