Where most other kinds of fencing leave gaps that can be easily seen through, privacy fencing has boards and posts sets close together to cut off lines of sight. Privacy fences are also an excellent choice for businesses. Not just for the purposes of privacy, but also as a good neighbor. If you have a business that requires leaving equipment or vehicles exposed, or an unsightly property, a privacy fence can keep those things out of view, and your neighbors satisfied that their property values aren’t affected. 

Privacy fences come in a variety of styles, from scalloped tops to shadowbox.

Tall wooden privacy fence
Dog ear natural picket fence installer


The quintessential marker of comfortable suburban life, picket fences are a popular addition for just about any home. Because they’re built with fewer gaps than other types of fencing, they can do a better job of blocking off your yard then split rail or post and board fences. They do retain enough of a gap for your home and lawn to still be visible, making them an excellent partner in your path towards a better curb appeal for your property.

Picket fences come in a variety of styles, including cape cod and dog ear.

Post and Board

When it comes to fencing, Kentucky post and board fences are an absolute classic. Designed in a style that evokes archetypal bluegrass country fencing found around horse farms, these fences offer a fashionable appearance and utility that other fences just don’t match.

Kentucky post and board fencing is available in a variety of styles. 

KY post and board
Split Rail with Mesh

Split Rail

Split rail fences have a rugged classic look that simply cannot be beat. Fashioned after the types of fences that date back to the early days of early European settlers here in North America, the split rail fence has a distinctive style that stands out from the rest. Because they have larger gaps than designs such as picket fences, split rail fences do less for security, but do highlight the beauty of your property while still assertively stating the boundaries.