Flat topped picket fence

Basic, yet a classic! Flat top fence boards are exactly what they sound like, the plain squared off board cut.

dog ear

A subtle nod to style while keeping the classic touch. A diagonal notch removing the squared corners of the fence post.

Good Neighbor Fencing residential

Most fences have a “good side” and “bad side,” but the good neighbor fence makes sure that both sides of the fence are equally well finished. Perfect for shared borders.

Roll top picket fence

Also known as the “convex” or “curved” top, this design echoes the dog ear but with rounded edges, giving a softer and more welcoming feel while keeping a classic look.


Also known as “concave top,” scalloped fencing is the opposite of rolltop fencing, with an inward facing curve.

Lattice Privacy Fence

Giving a delicate or fashionable appearance over a solid and stalwart fence. Lattice top fencing takes a woven appearance, allowing for an elegant accent.

Crossbuck Fencing near me

A post and rail fence that gets its name from the distinctive "X" in between the horizontal rails. 

local fencing company near me

These fence posts are layered on opposing sides to ensure not only complete coverage, but also mean that both sides of the fence present an equally appealing appearance.

split rail gate in winter

Some properties require complete fencing coverage while still allowing for entry. Gates can be added to any fence installation.

residential picket fence

A type of picket fence with larger gaps between the fencing, creating an open and welcoming view, while still demarcating property boundaries for an elegant and classical look.